STOP at Wales Auto Repair for Brake Repair or New Brakes in North Canton & Massillon, Ohio!

If your solution to squeaky brakes is to turn the radio up louder, Wales Auto Repair in North Canton, Ohio wants to have a little talk with you! Vehicle brakes are a key element to your safety when driving. Don’t compromise your safety with the “out of sight, out of mind philosophy!” or in this case, “can’t hear it…not a problem” way of thinking. The results could end up costing you in more ways than one! Instead, schedule an appointment for new brakes for your Canton, Ohio, Canal Fulton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio car or vehicle brake repair at Wales Auto Repair.

If you are driving back and forth from Massillon or Canton, the wear and tear to your braking system is a gradual. Because brakes slowly wear over time, by the time you can actually hear your brakes making noise or feel them pulsing, it might be too late! The longer you wait schedule your vehicle brake repair or replacement, the higher the charge will be for repairing them, or you could end up with no brakes at all! And that’s probably not a good option for the guy in front of you! That’s why Wales Auto Repair wants to give you the following helpful hints for your vehicle’s brakes!

As mentioned earlier, the first and most obvious sign that your vehicle’s brakes need repaired is a high pitched squeal when applying the brakes. This is actually a warning sign developed by the manufacturer to give you a heads up when your brakes need replaced. The brake pad is equipped with an indicator. When the material wears on the brake pad to less than ¼ of an inch, the metal piece begins to touch the vehicle’s rotor, producing that annoying sound! When you hear this sound, Wales Auto Repair in North Canton recommends that your vehicle’s brakes be repaired within the month, possibly sooner depending on how often and how far you drive your vehicle. But, sometimes there is no indication that you need new brakes because one of two things might occur: One, sometimes the indicator rusts and falls off, leaving you with no warning signal. Or, two, low cost brake pads do not have a wear indicator at all! If there is no warning sound, there are other indications that your vehicle’s brakes need replaced. Does it take you longer to come to a complete stop? Does it feel like your brake pedal is being pushed farther to the floor of the car than normal? These are good signs that it’s time to take your Canton car or truck to Wales Auto Repair!

If your steering wheel wiggles, most vehicle owners in Canal Fulton and other areas assume that that is a brake problem, as well. In fact, a steering wheel that wiggles when coming to a stop usually indicates that your rotors are bad. It is always a good idea to have Wales Auto Repair replace your rotors when this happens. Replacing your brakes does not always mean replacing your rotors. Vehicle brake replacement can usually be performed two or three times before you will require new rotors. The qualified mechanics at Wales Auto Repair might offer to turn your rotors instead of replacing them. New cars are equipped with thinner rotors to save on cost and fuel economy, so they might need to be replaced more often.

Now that you know the “warning” signs, Wales Auto Repair asks that the next time you hear a screech or feel a wiggle, program your GPS system and head directly to Wales Auto Repair at 6834 Wales Road North West in North Canton, Ohio. For more information, you can speed down the technology highway and find them at or call 330.497.9398. Wales Auto Repair, providing vehicle brake repair and new brakes for your Canton, Ohio, Massillon, Ohio, and Canal Fulton, Ohio car or truck without breaking the bank!