Stay Warm This Season with Winter Protection Clothing from Evans Supply in North Canton, Ohio

Hi Vis Workman Knit Hat

Regardless of what industry you may belong to, working out in the field leaves you exposed to the elements. Those throughout the Canton, Ohio; Wooster, Ohio; and Navarre, Ohio areas are especially vulnerable to the cold winter weather that’s so common around this region. Whether you’re used to the chill of Ohio winters or not, it’s definitely in your best interest to upgrade your work apparel this season. Even if you have heavy-duty clothing for your job, chances are it’s not sufficiently insulated to fight off the low temperatures we’re expected to receive this winter. Fortunately for you, Evans Supply in North Canton, Ohio recently added winter protection clothing to their already extensive inventory. With a wide assortment of all-weather and high-visibility products now available, Evans Supply is sure to have just what you need to stay safe and warm while working outdoors this season. And since their new selection includes Seirus Innovation hats, jackets, gloves, and face masks, you can feel confident that any item you purchase will last for years to come.

Since this North Canton establishment specializes in commercial products for those in the construction industry, it comes as no surprise to learn that they offer work apparel as well. However, instead of the low-grade merchandise you’re likely to find at your nearby Canton, Wooster, or Navarre mass merchant, Evans Supply carries only high-quality, heavy-duty clothing for those who perform outdoor work. Needless to say, a trip to this locally owned business will allow you to look through a wide selection of strong, durable clothing and accessories from brands you can trust, such as Seirus Innovation.

Seirus Innovation Workman All Weather Gloves

The new line of winter protection clothing now available at Evans Supply is some of the best on the market today. Since Seirus Innovation is known for designing warm, functional apparel for skiers, snowboarders, and hunters, it’s safe to say that their line of work apparel is just as impressive. Seirus Innovation hats, jackets, gloves, and face masks are made to withstand the harshest weather conditions, so they’re the perfect choice for those who will be working outside during the cold Ohio winter. Plus, as Evans Supply has such a variety of all-weather and high-visibility products available, you’re sure to find winter protection clothing that fits your specific needs and budget. After all, this local retailer offers the lowest possible prices on their merchandise, and that includes their selection of heavy-duty clothing.

Though Evans Supply has a large inventory of Seirus Innovation hats, jackets, gloves, and face masks right now, it won’t be long before the temperatures really start to fall. So, if you’ll be out working in the cold, unpleasant weather this season, now is the time to invest in some winter protection clothing. If you have additional questions about the all-weather and high-visibility products that Evans Supply carries, just give them a call at 330.499.0311. Their staff would be happy to tell you more about their heavy-duty clothing and how it can help keep you warm this season. However, if you’d like to check out their work apparel in person, take the quick trip from Canton, Ohio; Wooster, Ohio; or Navarre, Ohio to their storefront.

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