Scott Talbot Salonspa Provides Canton/Akron, Ohio Residents with a New Line of Hair Color Protection Products

By Gemma Chriss

scotttalbotsalonspaScott Talbot Salonspa’s two locations in Canton, Ohio and Akron, Ohio are now stocked with a new line of hair color protection products. Those in the market for an anti-color fading treatment will find that the salon-grade shampoo and conditioner sets now available at Scott Talbot Salonspa go a long way in revitalizing dyed strands. These color-enhancing products can even be used by those wanting to temporarily intensify their natural shade. Having received a fantastic response from patrons who routinely visit Scott Talbot Salonspa for professional coloring service, the staff members at this local establishment encourage residents throughout the North Canton, Ohio and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio areas to check out the new line.

“Hair colorists nationwide have been singing the praises of the new line as it helps them provide a better long lasting service to their clients. This technology is so advanced that there is nothing else on the market at this time that compares.”

scott-talbot_productsThe Celeb® Luxury color-enhancing products at Scott Talbot Salonspa are available in two lines—Gem Lites® (for traditional color shades) and Viral® (for bold, fashion tones). Those who frequently visit Scott Talbot’s Canton or Akron location for professional coloring service undoubtedly realize that even the highest quality dye will eventually lose its luster. However, the salon-grade shampoo and conditioner sets now being offered at this establishment can provide a superior level of hair color protection. Customers can look forward to brighter, shinier strands and significantly less upkeep, which is why the staff members at Scott Talbot Salonspa are so excited about their new anti-color fading treatments.

scott-talbot_gem-litesFor residents throughout the North Canton and Cuyahoga Falls areas with dyed hair in traditional shades, Gem Lites® Colorwash® Shampoos can be used to fill, color, and tone. This line of salon-grade shampoo and conditioner sets is inspired by real brilliant gems, so they’re able to deliver a natural glow. Color becomes darker and more vibrant with continual use of the shampoo, while strands become softer and silkier when followed by the conditioner. Scott Talbot Salonspa has 10 different colors from which to choose: Flawless Diamond, Citrine, Sunstone, and Cognac Quartz for blondes; Tourmaline, Fire Opal, and Ruby for reds; Amber, Brown Diamond, and Brown Tahitian Pearl for brunettes. The stylists at Scott Talbot Salonspa recommend starting with the Gem Lites® Colorwash® the day of fresh color and alternating with Shinewash® every other shampoo to manage vibrancy of tones.

scott-talbot_viralThe Viral® Colorwash® line adds jewel tones on deeper colors and bright/bold color on pre-lightened hair, and is designed to stop visible color fade. These anti-color fading treatments are more suitable for those with unique fashion shades who want to replenish the color between each professional coloring service. Extreme shades include Extreme Hot Pink, Extreme Silver, Extreme Yellow, Extreme Teal, Extreme Purple, Extreme Blue, and Extreme Red. Pastel shades include Pastel Baby Blue, Pastel Lavender, and Pastel Light Pink. Alternating with Moisturewash® helps strands to maintain softness, while continuous use of Viral® Colorwash® will provide greater intensity.

“With the intense moisture and conditioning it provides, in a sulfate-free formula, along with a delicate cleansing and rich lather, color clients will enjoy the benefits of prolonging their investment in hair color as well as the great feel and condition.”

scott-talbot_redThose who have been disappointed with other anti-color fading treatments on the market are encouraged to learn more about the Celeb® Luxury color-enhancing products now available at Scott Talbot Salonspa. Residents throughout the North Canton, Ohio and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio areas who take advantage of the professional coloring services at Scott Talbot Salonspa should consult their stylist during their next appointment. Those without color-treated hair can also stop by one of Scott Talbot’s two locations to purchase a salon-grade shampoo and conditioner set for natural hair color protection.

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