Sandusky Electric: Cleveland, Ohio’s One-Stop Shopping Source for Cutler-Hammer Bus Ducts and Other Supplies

While there are a number of different contractors out there, electricians have a particularly tricky job. Not only do they need to make sure that their clients have an electrical connection that actually works, but they also have to be wary of any exposed components that may cause injury to themselves or their clients. This requires a steady hand, significant electrical knowledge and the right tools for each application. While the two former requirements are up to the electrician in question, Sandusky Electric is more than capable of providing the latter. This Cleveland, Ohio area establishment has an enormous selection of electrical and industrial automation supplies from some of today’s most popular manufacturers. And since Sandusky Electric has a number of shops conveniently located throughout the state, Detroit, Michigan; Columbus, Ohio; and Akron, Ohio electricians can easily find the products they’re searching for. Whether you’re on the hunt for Cutler-Hammer bus ducts, GE breakers, Bussmann fuses, rigid aluminum or flexible conduits, you can pick them up in-shop or have them shipped to your location.

It’s true that other companies offer their products online; making them extremely convenient for electricians who are in need of electrical supplies but have limited time to visit each establishment in their area. However, what you may find when shopping at other distributors is that the items they offer are a little pricey. And those that aren’t? Well…their selection is often limited or of a lower quality than you’d like. Sandusky Electric, on the other hand, offers the best of both worlds. Not only do they have three facilities scattered throughout the Northeast Ohio region, but they also give electricians and other professionals the opportunity to order products from their catalog online—both of which yield affordable results.

Sandusky Electric’s inventory contains such items as Cutler-Hammer bus ducts, GE breakers, Bussmann fuses, rigid aluminum conduits and flexible conduits from VAW of America, All-Flex and Anaconda. Not only can you count on these products being of the highest quality, but Sandusky Electric also offers some of the most reasonable prices available. Being a family-owned establishment, Sandusky Electric provides customers with the same great service and fair pricing that you’d expect from a much smaller business. And regardless of whether you take the trip from your Columbus, Detroit, or Akron location to one of their facilities around Cleveland or call in to place your order, you can expect the same selection and level of service.

Having years of experience working with electricians, they can even help you find the right item for your particular application if you’re not sure what you need. Sandusky’s selection may include Cutler-Hammer bus ducts, GE breakers, Bussmann fuses, rigid aluminum and flexible conduits, but it goes far beyond that. Even those hunting for generally hard-to-find items have had great success by contacting Sandusky Electric.

Whatever your current job may entail, chances are that you may be in need of electrical supplies. And that’s just what Sandusky Electric happens to specialize in. So rather than scouring the Akron, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; or Detroit, Michigan area or overpaying online, why not get in touch with Sandusky Electric? Visit to see their selection of Cutler-Hammer bus ducts, GE breakers, Bussmann fuses, rigid aluminum conduits, flexible conduits and various other products. If you have any questions, call 419.625.4915 or head over to the Sandusky facility nearest you.

Sandusky Electric

Bowling Green Location
521 E. Woodland Circle
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402
Phone: 419.354.3230
Fax: 419.353.6615

Cleveland Location
39097 Center Ridge Road
North Ridgeville/Cleveland, Ohio 44039
Phone: 440.327.8000
Fax: 440.327.3219

Corporate Headquarters
1513 Sycamore Line
Sandusky, OH 44870
Phone: 419.625.4915
Fax: 419.625.9438