Richard Mosher DMD in Massillon, Ohio Talks Natural Healing without the Use of Antibiotics

Though you undoubtedly rely on your dentist for all of your oral health needs, you may be unaware that a dental health professional like Richard Mosher DMD can help with other aspects of your health and wellness, too. For instance, this local clinic in Massillon, Ohio frequently explains the benefits of natural healing to patients who are wary of taking antibiotics. Residents throughout the Canton, Ohio and Uniontown, Ohio areas have learned that by incorporating healthy supplements into their daily regimen and avoiding the use of antibiotics, they can help prevent teeth discoloration, dry mouth syndrome, and a wide variety of ailments that can arise from using strong medications.

The problem with using antibiotics and other medications is that while they’re designed to eradicate one issue, they often spark another. For example, when tetracycline was given to children and expectant mothers during the 60s and 70s, the patients experienced a number of dental problems, including teeth discoloration. Eventually dental health professionals ceased providing such patients with the antibiotic, but many of those who took tetracycline still suffer from teeth discoloration to this day.

Prescription medications can also lead to dry mouth syndrome (xerostomia). The use of antibiotics as well as antihistamines, antidepressants, and pain medications can have an effect on the secretion of saliva from the salivary glands. Since the mouth doesn’t have enough saliva to cleanse away bacteria, cavities can form and soft tissue infections can occur. Rather than having to deal with dry mouth syndrome or discoloration of the teeth, some dentists like Richard Mosher DMD suggest natural healing instead of relying on medications.

Though their main focus may be on oral health, the staff members at this Massillon clinic routinely inform patients of the benefits of natural healing for overall health and wellness. Unlike antibiotics that can kill off both bad and good bacteria—leading to other issues—vitamin and mineral supplements are made from pure, natural ingredients. So, not only are you avoiding other ailments that may arise with the use of antibiotics, but you’re filling your body with good, wholesome substances.

A trip from your Canton or Uniontown home to Richard Mosher DMD won’t just allow you to get the assistance you need from an experienced dentist, but it will also give you the chance to learn more about natural healing.

To find out more about how teeth discoloration and dry mouth syndrome can be caused by antibiotics, visit the website for this dental health professional at As Richard Mosher DMD strongly believes in the benefits of natural healing, they provide Canton, Ohio and Uniontown, Ohio patients with all kinds of useful information. However, if you’d like to schedule a consultation with this local dentist, simply call 330.832.4533.

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