Purchase the New Cervelo Model from Bike Authority near Cleveland, Ohio

If you’re planning on entering a few races this coming spring, then you may want to consider purchasing a new bike for these events, especially if your current model has seen better days. Fortunately for you, Bike Authority near Cleveland, Ohio recently added the new Cervelo model to their extensive selection of high-performance triathlon bikes. By taking the trip from your Canton, Ohio or Akron, Ohio home to Bike Authority for bicycle sales and service, not only will you be able to find additional information about the Cervelo P2 bike, but you’ll learn about the benefits of owning a Cervelo brand bike in general.

As far as athletic equipment goes, Cervelo brand bikes are some of the very best on the market. Cervelo’s engineering team is constantly working to better the products they offer to beginner and professional cyclists. While these athletes are always excited when the manufacturer releases a new Cervelo model, the Cervelo P2 bike is one of the most highly-anticipated models of the year. And it just so happens that Bike Authority near Cleveland has these high-performance triathlon bikes in stock!

The classic P2 bike from Cervelo is considered a triathlon icon among professionals. When the first version was released, the manufacturer was praised for their ability to deliver “superbike” performance to cycling enthusiasts and top competitors. After seven years and two Ironman World Champion victories, Cervelo’s engineers have finally completed the Cervelo P2 bike, ensuring that it is worthy of the “P2” title. This new Cervelo model is even better than the classic version, consisting of a wide range of options that will allow you to get maximum results from your equipment. Delivering superior aerodynamics, stiffness and handling, the Cervelo P2 bike now available from Bike Authority is one of the most rider-friendly options out there. While you’ll undoubtedly be impressed by this high-performance triathlon bike in its basic form, you’ll also be pleased to learn that the P2 is fully compatible with mechanic, hydraulic and electrical components when you decide to upgrade.

Along with the comfort and performance you’ll get with this new Cervelo model, you’ll also receive a terrific deal when you take the trip from your Canton or Akron home to Bike Authority. As this local establishment specializes in bicycle sales and service, you can be sure that they have a wide array of Cervelo brand bikes to fit your individual needs, including the new P2. Whatever your budget or size may be, the staff members at Bike Authority will assist you in finding the perfect frame to use this coming spring.

The Cervelo P2 bike provides great performance that rivals bikes at much higher price points. So, if you’d like to invest in a high-performance triathlon bike this year, why not purchase a new Cervelo model that’s not just fast and comfortable, but affordable as well? To learn more about the Cervelo brand bikes available at Bike Authority near Cleveland, Ohio, visit the store’s website at www.bikeauthority.com. If you have any questions about bicycle sales and service, don’t hesitate to give Bike Authority a call at 440.546.9966. However, if you’d like to meet with their certified bicycle fitting specialists in person to find the P2 that best fits your needs, take the trip from your Canton, Ohio or Akron, Ohio home to Bike Authority.

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