Premier Fitness Source Offers Quality Fitness Equipment and Advice to Atlanta, Georgia

When you visit a fitness equipment store near your Vinings, Georgia or Hiram, Georgia home, chances are that it will be just like any other retail environment. Even if the associates they employ are knowledgeable about the exercise bikes, recumbent cycles, rowers, ellipticals, treadmills, and steppers they offer, they probably won’t take the time to fully explain each piece of equipment to you. Instead, they’ll steer you towards the high-quality fitness equipment that will provide them with the greatest profit, never mind if it fits your needs or not… Not having the right piece of exercise equipment that will ensure results is one of the top reasons why so many people give up on their fitness routines. If you can’t take your fitness equipment for a “test drive,” you risk missing out on finding the right one for you, and therefore all the benefits of a truly great machine. Fortunately, not every retailer in the Atlanta, Georgia or Alpharetta, Georgia area is solely concerned with profit. Some, like Premier Fitness Source, go out of their way to provide customers with useful advice from fitness experts, as well as preventative maintenance plans to keep your investment running smoothly. In fact, every employee in the Premier Fitness Source stores has an exercise related degree or is a Certified Personal Trainer. They’ll help you get real results.

Unlike other fitness equipment stores near your Vinings or Hiram home, Premier Fitness Source is owned and operated by fitness experts who have been in this business for their entire professional careers. Not only does this mean that the staff members at Premier Fitness Source know virtually everything about the exercise bikes, recumbent cycles, ellipticals, rowers, steppers, treadmills, and other products they offer, but that they can apply their knowledge to help customers who are struggling to find quality fitness equipment that’s right for them.

A refreshing change from other retailers, the staff members at Premier Fitness Source first take the time to discover your needs and preferences. Then they’ll honestly and accurately describe the differences between models of equipment that will work for you. Instead of pushing you towards the equipment that they want you to buy, the fitness experts at each of PFS’ locations in Atlanta and Alpharetta allow you to make your own decision based on facts. Whether you’re looking for an upright exercise bike, recumbent cycle, rower, elliptical cross-trainer, stepper, or treadmill, you can feel confident that PFS’ professional staff will address all of your questions and concerns for a no-pressure buying experience. And if that weren’t enough, they even provide users with in-store fitness equipment “test drives” so they can get a feel for the machine they intend to buy. Since you’ll have the opportunity to try out machines while you’re there, you’ll find one that fits your body and comfortably works with you to achieve your goals.

In addition to employing fitness experts and allowing fitness equipment “test drives,” Premier Fitness Source stands out from retailers near your Vinings, Georgia or Hiram, Georgia home in another way—offering preventative maintenance plans and long equipment warranties. When you purchase an exercise bike, recumbent cycle, rower, treadmill, elliptical, stepper, or other machine from PFS, you can even get routine service checkups from one of their experienced technicians. Not only will this help to keep your investment running smoothly for years to come, but it will even save you money in the long run. To learn more about the quality fitness equipment and excellent customer service from Premier Fitness Source, visit

Premier Fitness Source

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