Premier Fitness Source Is Savannah, Georgia’s Only Distributor of LifeFitness Products

By Gemma Chriss

Most will agree that when it comes to choosing between brand-name gym machines, it’s worth looking into each manufacturer’s history to see how they’ve evolved over time. Though there’s a wide range of high-end fitness equipment on the market, it’s obvious that some are more innovative and functional than others. LifeFitness products, for example, happen to fall into the former category. Since LifeFitness is considered to be an industry pioneer, Premier Fitness Source is proud to carry LifeFitness stationary bikes, weight benches, ellipticals, treadmills, and more in their Savannah, Georgia establishment. Individuals throughout the Pooler, Georgia and Wilmington Island, Georgia areas in need of home exercise equipment will undoubtedly be pleased with the large selection of LifeFitness machines that Premier Fitness Source has available, and how effective they are at helping users to remain active and achieve fitness goals.

Though most people on the hunt for home exercise equipment are familiar with some brands, few take the time to research company history. Many people are surprised to learn that LifeFitness revolutionized the industry by introducing the first electronic piece of exercise equipment—the Lifecycle. Invented by Dr. Keene Dimick, the LifeFitness stationary bike was designed to increase the effectiveness of one’s exercise routine. Over the years, LifeFitness products have only continued to improve in terms of appearance, durability, and overall performance. This is undoubtedly due to the manufacturer’s commitment to pushing technology a step further with every piece of home exercise equipment they produce.

Since LifeFitness is such a well-respected name in the industry, PFS appreciates having the opportunity to offer these brand-name gym machines to customers throughout Pooler, Wilmington Island, and beyond. Those wanting to work out in the comfort of their own homes can even visit PFS’ nearest location in person to test out LifeFitness stationary bikes, weight benches, ellipticals, treadmills, and other machines for themselves. However, as the only gym equipment dealer in the greater Savannah area, Premier Fitness Source is in a unique position to offer a variety of high-end fitness equipment, not just products from LifeFitness. This local establishment carries an extensive selection of Precor products as well, which is nothing short of impressive.

Those wanting to learn more about Precor and LifeFitness products and how they compare to other brand-name gym machines on the market are encouraged to visit PFS’ website at This well-known retailer offers additional information about their inventory of LifeFitness stationary bikes, weight benches, ellipticals, and more online for their customers’ convenience. Individuals throughout Pooler, Georgia and Wilmington Island, Georgia can also take the brief trip to PFS’ newest location to see their selection of high-end fitness equipment in person. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff members are always happy to assist customers in choosing the right home exercise equipment for their specific needs.

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