Pick up Custom Play Equipment from Play Mor Swing Sets for Your Peoria, Illinois Yard at Hillside Hideaway

Searching for an attractive and durable wooden play set to put in your Champaign, Illinois; Kankakee, Illinois; or Decatur, Illinois backyard can be downright frustrating, especially if your little ones have been begging you for an outdoor swing set for months. Most of the children’s swing sets you’ll find at nearby mass merchants leave a lot to be desired in terms of strength and appearance. If you want to ensure that your kids have the safest, most enjoyable playtime possible, it’s in your best interest to look toward retailers that carry Amish-made products crafted out of premium materials. Fortunately for you, Hillside Hideaway—conveniently located near Peoria, Illinois and Bloomington, Illinois—happens to have custom play equipment from Play Mor Swing Sets in stock.

For years, Hillside Hideaway, Inc. has been providing local residents with the very best in outdoor furnishings, including sheds, gazebos, playhouses, and more. And even though this business went through a change in ownership about 5 ½ years ago, their commitment to excellence remains the same. The Amish-made products offered by Hillside Hideaway, Inc. are crafted out of the most high-quality lumber and HDPE available, making their inventory of items well worth checking out, especially if you’re on the hunt for a wooden play set.

Along with the many other craftsmen they work with, Hillside Hideaway has partnered with Play Mor Swing Sets to provide families with long-lasting outdoor swing sets that their children can enjoy for years. Made with treated southern yellow pine frames, textured ladder rungs, soft-grip swing chains, double-walled slides, sturdy cross bracing, and more, Play Mor children’s swing sets are some of the safest on the market. However, though this was definitely a factor that influenced Hillside Hideaway’s decision to become a distributor for Play Mor Swing Sets, they really liked the fact that this manufacturer gives families the opportunity to install custom play equipment in their Champaign, Kankakee, and Decatur backyards.

Take the short trip over to Hillside Hideaway near Peoria and Bloomington, and you’ll immediately notice that their wooden play sets from Play Mor are a far cry from what you’ve seen at other retailers. Aside from their superior construction, these outdoor swing sets are also much more creative. With trains, ships, tree-houses, castles, and more, these children’s play sets give kids the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild during playtime. Plus, Play Mor and Hillside Hideaway give you the chance to design your very own swing set! Customers can pick and choose which elements they want to include, whether it’s an additional swing, rope ladder, tube slide, or any other one of the accessories they have available.

As far as quality goes, you won’t find any other children’s play sets that can match the Amish-made products from Hillside Hideaway. And since this family-owned business near Peoria, Illinois and Bloomington, Illinois is currently running a special on their Play Mor “Golden Moments” display sets, you could even wind up getting an outdoor swing set for your little ones at a discounted price! To learn more about the Play Mor wooden play sets available from Hillside Hideaway, including their policies on delivery and installation, visit www.hillsidehideaways.com. You can also visit www.playmorswingsets.com to see what options are available for creating your own custom play equipment. However, if you’d like to see these sets in person, take the trip from your Champaign, Illinois; Kankakee, Illinois; or Decatur, Illinois home to Hillside Hideaway’s display lot.

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