Natural Approach Farm Store in Stark County, Ohio Provides All-Natural Herbs for Your Health and Wellness

If you take a trip to Minerva, Ohio, you’re going to see some very healthy and happy alpacas grazing.  The natural health and wellness of those awesome animals is due largely to the all-natural herbs they consume on a regular basis to promote their wellbeing.  Spend some time admiring them on the alpaca observation deck before your scheduled iridology consultation (a reading of your eye that gives information about your general health) or finding some beneficial tree essences and herbs for your own advantage.  Through the knowledgeable staff at Natural Approach Farm Store in Stark County, Ohio or through your personal consultation with owner Alicia, you could also be as relaxed as those roaming alpacas, found just a short drive from Perry Township, Ohio.

Alicia is specially certified in iridology consultation, which is a reading of your body’s natural state of health through analyzing the iris (the colored part) and the sclera (the white part) of the eye.  The reading of the iris gives insight to any potential genetic deficiencies that may be ailing you.  The sclera reading will tell you what is going on right now in your body systems and how to approach a regimen of all-natural herbs and/or beneficial tree essences that will most enhance your natural health and wellness.

The reason that Natural Approach Farm Store is so confident in the products they can offer you is because the herbs are naturally made, here in the United States, to exact specifications that ensure their potency and effectiveness.  The herbs come in a liquid/syrup form that can be taken by the dropper full or mixed in with your favorite juice or in plain water.  Some of the herbs at this farm store in Minerva are flavor enhanced (due to being made from bitter herbs) with honey or maple syrup and in some cases—for those of us who enjoy a “tasty hot” flavor—even cayenne has been added.  Glycerin is added to all herbs as a preservative to deter bacteria from forming.  Alicia is using all the knowledge she gleaned from her grandmother, who would make syrups over an open fire to share with those of us in Stark CountyBeneficial tree essences are also made and sold to promote your emotional health needs.  Feeling down or overly anxious doesn’t have to be a prolonged feeling with tree essences helping your body to maintain balance.

If you desire even more of a look into your body’s needs for natural health and wellness, you can take your personal consultations with Alicia further by getting a blood and hair analysis done, each for an additional, affordable charge.  Counseling for your physical and emotional health is available and affordable as well, right near Perry TownshipNatural Approach Farm Store has classes for the community, too.  Alicia is a certified instructor of iridology, essence therapy natural health for animals, and other offerings.  The courses are all taught using a hands-on learning approach.  You can read more about the educational opportunities at the Store (and yes, about the alpacas, too) at their website:  Also available online is a class registration form and payment options that can be mailed or faxed in.

What would you like to learn about yourself in your scheduled iridology consultation?  How do you think your natural health and wellness could be positively impacted by a consultation with Alicia? Leave us a comment below to let us know!  Natural Approach Farm Store is the best place in Stark County, Ohio to get your needs met by using all-natural herbs and beneficial tree essences.  Consider the advantages that having a consultation can present to you and your overall wellbeing.  Call them today or visit them just a short drive from Perry Township, Ohio to start on your journey to comfort and wellness.

Natural Approach Farm Store
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