Let Bond Exterminating Help You Protect Your Home from Springtime Pests

It may officially be springtime, but fortunately for those who live in Northeastern Ohio cities such as Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio and Medina, Ohio, there is still time to protect your home from those pesky springtime pests that are just a few short weeks away from hatching. While you may not see many bugs during the winter, what you don’t know is that their eggs have been safely incubating, away from the cold. In fact, you will find more pests in and around the perimeter of your home during springtime as opposed to any other season. This is because as the temperature rises, these eggs begin to hatch and soon enough the larvae turn into the bugs you don’t want anywhere near your home. Fortunately, for those who reside in Northeast Ohio, you can turn to the specialist at Bond Exterminating for top quality pest control methods that will leave your home free from an unwanted infestation of creepy crawlies.

What kind of pests can you expect this spring?

When it comes to the types of insects you can expect to see popping up as the weather warms, the most common ones are: centipedes, flies, spiders, termites, ants, bees and gnats.

Generally, if you locate ants, gnats or flies in your home, it’s because they are searching for food. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to minimize the possibilities that you will have to deal with these insects. Limiting your eating areas to just the kitchen and dining rooms, will help to minimize the possibility of crumbs and other types of food residue going unnoticed and attracting bugs. Make sure your food is properly stored. For example, if you fail to correctly seal a container full of sugar or flour, you can expect to find weebles or ants invading your kitchen. Ripe fruits and vegetables are extremely attractive to insects and the problem is, once you attract fruit flies and gnats, they are extremely hard to get rid of.

Centipedes and spiders are actually a homeowner’s first line of defense in protecting your home from an infestation. These creatures feast on the insects that can wreak havoc on your home and though they may be part of the creepy crawlies, if you want to rid yourself of them, you have to ensure your home is pest free.

Fortunately, you can depend on the folks at Bond Exterminating to assist in any of your pest-related issues. They have proudly been serving the greater Northeast Ohio area for over 25 years and service residential and commercial buildings around Cuyahoga Falls, Medina, and Massillon. Regardless if you have a full blown infestation of termites or are just hoping to prevent a swarm of mosquitoes from taking control of your family’s pool, their team of pest control specialists will have a method of eliminating your pest problems.

Just because spring is around the corner, doesn’t mean you have to deal with those pesky springtime pests that like to come out of the woodworks around Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; Medina, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio. With the skilled pest control specialists from Bond Exterminating at your disposal, you will find the perfect method to protect your home from pests. For more information about the types of services they provide or to schedule a free consultation, contact them at 330.678.0100.

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