Individuals in Seville, Ohio, Can Improve Their Credit Scores with In-House Financing from Jay’s Auto Sales

By Fiona Vernon

The flowers are blooming and the trees are finally becoming lush and green after all the rain has started to subside in Seville, Ohio, and Rittman, Ohio. Now that the sun has started to give many individuals in Barberton, Ohio, and Norton, Ohio, some motivation to get out more, people have started looking at making some life changes. It is a great time to visit Jay’s Auto Sales to peruse their constantly rotating stock of affordable pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs. The last few years may have been a little rough financially for some people, but this Buy Here Pay Here lot with its in-house financing has put many individuals in a position in which they never thought they could be—obtaining a loan for a quality used vehicle. Ask any financial institution and they will admit that financing a car is one of the best ways to improve one’s credit score. This local family-owned used car dealer has been serving the area for over 30 years and has helped thousands of customers get behind the wheel of their perfect vehicle.

Taking the short drive from Barberton and Norton to Jay’s Auto Sales can make finding a new car enjoyable while working with their knowledgeable staff and in-house financing experts. They have created a no-hassle atmosphere regardless of what kind of credit issues someone is experiencing. This local used car dealer has ended up being so valuable at helping people improve their credit scores that clients come back to them year after year.  Two of the best ways to begin repairing a poor credit score, according to many financial experts, are to apply for a secured credit card and to acquire a small loan that one can pay monthly. Most people do not have the luxury of working from home, or they have children that require transportation to and from extracurricular activities. With both the wives and husbands in most households working, it is essential to have two vehicles. One visit to this Buy Here Pay Here lot for affordable pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs can help to solve a credit score issue and ensure a reliable vehicle is available to both adults in the house.

Not only do those affected by bad credit have a harder time finding quality used vehicles, but also those with no credit at all. A teenager or young adult in and around Rittman with the need for their own mode of transportation can have just as much of a problem acquiring a car loan, but they can trust the in-house financing department at Jay’s Auto Sales in their search. Down payment requirements are reasonable, and they offer affordable weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly car payments. They also offer the convenience of applying on their website to begin the process of establishing one’s credit. This local used car dealer near Seville has a vast array of quality used vehicle options, including an extremely clean, well-maintained 2009 Saturn Vue XE SUV and a double sharp 2008 Honda Accord LX-P with all the power options. Jay’s Auto Sales backs their vehicles with a 30-day 1,500-mile warranty and offers discounted service work to their customers after the warranty has expired. This family-owned business boasts their own service department and puts all their affordable cars, trucks, and SUVs through a rigorous safety check before they go on the lot.

Individuals from Seville, Ohio, and Rittman, Ohio, looking to upgrade their vehicle can take advantage of Jay’s Auto Sales’ online application to see if they qualify for in-house financing for one of these local used car dealers many quality used vehicles. Anyone from Barberton, Ohio; Norton, Ohio; and beyond can take the first step toward improving their credit score by visiting this Buy Here Pay Here lot in their search for an affordable car, truck, or SUV. Visit their website to peruse the impressive inventory and find the vehicle that not only helps establish one’s credit, but can also satisfy one’s everyday transportation needs and fill oneself with pride.

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