Individuals in North Canton, Ohio, can Visit Kames Sports for KTM Mountain Bikes and Mountain Biking Gear

By Fiona Vernon

Anyone who has placed their feet into pedals and put a helmet on their head knows that mountain biking is an addiction. It requires endurance, core strength, balance, and a deep trust in one’s equipment and oneself. Anyone from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio, can trust the outdoor specialists at Kames Sports in North Canton, Ohio, for a wide variety of off-road bikes and mountain biking gear. When searching for bicycles near Green, Ohio, and beyond, this local sporting goods store carries KTM mountain bikes, which feature frames, suspensions, and brakes specific for off-road cycling; additionally, individuals can find Rambo electric fat bikes or Rambo junior bikes as alternatives to ATVs when public land regulations prohibit certain motorized products. They also offer the Rambo non-motorized fat bike for adventuring on trails, as well as all the amenities necessary to enjoy the feel of the sun and wind on one’s cheeks while gliding through nature.

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts from North Canton to New Philadelphia love the feel of the horsepower of an ATV between them and the land, but sometimes they may need an alternative to an ATV when state regulations prohibit the use of certain motorized vehicles on protected lands so as not to endanger the wildlife of the area. The governing bodies understand that some people are mobility impaired, so the limitations do not extend to electric-powered off-road bikes like the Rambo electric fat bike and Rambo junior bike for use on special trails in Berlin Lake, Brush Creek, and 13 other wildlife areas throughout Ohio. At less than 60 pounds, the Rambo bike, found at Kames Sports, can be easily transported in the bed of a truck or even the trunk of a sedan. It is whisper-quiet, can be operated either on full battery or pedal-assisted power, and can go effortlessly where ATVs cannot. Visiting this local sporting goods store can help anyone gain access to all the mountain bikes and biking gear they need to fully enjoy a day or weekend on the trails.

Mountain bikes have certain features that help them carry a rider weighing hundreds of pounds with their gear while careening over rugged trails — such as strong frames, thick tires, and straight handlebars. It is a short drive from Fairlawn or Green to Kames Sports to check out their impressive bicycle selection, including KTM mountain bikes and the Rambo non-motorized fat bike. KTM has an array of mountain bikes constructed of alloy frames that are stiff, lightweight, and extremely durable, Suntour SCM HLO suspension forks, and a variety of suspensions to create a smoother, easier ride on even the most demanding trails. The shifting responds quickly with a reputable drivetrain, and the brakes deliver smooth stopping in all terrain and weather conditions. They all boast heavy, strong tires to withstand the toughest of environments, and the Rambo non-motorized fat bike offers 10 unique customization kits, making it perfect for off-road, as well as casual rides.

Whether a young adult in Fairlawn, Ohio, wants to experience off-road trails and find out what bicycles are best, or an advanced rider in Green, Ohio, is searching for a KTM mountain bike to handle the rough terrain to which they will expose it, Kames Sports in North Canton, Ohio, offers the variety to satisfy any level of skill. Their off-road bikes feature frames, tires, brakes, and suspensions that create a smooth ride and high performance on the roughest of trails, while the Rambo non-motorized fat bike has 10 different customization kits to suit anyone’s preferences. An individual with mobility issues in New Philadelphia, Ohio, may be looking for an alternative to an ATV for the state lands on which they wish to travel, and this local sporting goods store offers the Rambo electric fat bike and Rambo junior bike with full battery or pedal-assisted power. Kames Sports can help individuals get completely ready with mountain biking gear, such as front or back luggage racks and helmets. Talking to the knowledgeable staff and perusing the vast array of mountain biking products can help any level of rider get one step closer to feeling the wind in their hair on a sunny day.

Kames Sports
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