Individuals in Need of TMJ or Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Should Look to Grahame’s Massotherapy near Alliance, Ohio

By Gemma Chriss

Though such techniques may be unknown to those who have never visited a massage therapy clinic before, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy can be extremely beneficial to pain sufferers. More often than not, steroids and pain medications do very little to combat the discomfort one feels in their joints. The results of such treatment options are often temporary, forcing the individual to endure the discomfort once the effects wear off. Since many people find themselves in need of joint pain relief during the months of spring, now may be a good time to consider massage therapy as a more effective TMJ or plantar fasciitis treatment. The techniques utilized by the professional massage therapist at Grahame’s Massotherapy near Alliance, Ohio have helped countless individuals throughout the Bolivar, Ohio and Barberton, Ohio areas. Those who have been unsuccessful in their attempts to ease their joint pain may be surprised by what targeted massage therapy can do.

While not a seasonal problem, TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) affects a number of individuals throughout the Bolivar and Barberton areas. This condition causes discomfort and compromised movement of the jaw joint, as well as the surrounding muscles. TMJ sufferers can attest to the fact that the symptoms of TMJ, such as jaw clicking, can make it difficult to go about one’s daily routine. The constant pain can even prevent sufferers from getting the rest they need at night. Though there are several different TMJ treatments out there, few can actually provide the joint pain relief that individuals desire. However, studies have shown that myofascial release and craniosacral therapy can help to loosen up the joints near the ear and the front of the throat. At Grahame’s Massotherapy, such techniques are often used as a TMJ treatment with impressive results. After just a few sessions at this massage therapy clinic near Alliance, those who would normally experience mild to moderate pain while chewing can eat without fear of discomfort. However, it’s worth noting that TMJ sufferers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a combination of myofascial release and craniosacral therapy. Individuals who wear metal braces may also see a significant decrease in discomfort as these techniques can reduce the amount on stress placed on the mouth.

Unlike TMJ, which can affect individuals at random, plantar fasciitis is commonly seen in those who are especially active. With spring approaching, avid runners and athletes will undoubtedly hit the pavement to take advantage of the warm weather while it lasts. Unfortunately, these individuals will be at greater risk of straining the ligament that supports the foot arch. As far as plantar fasciitis treatments go, massage therapy tends to be more effective than the rest. At Grahame’s Massotherapy, myofascial release is used to unlock the fascia when it becomes inflamed. This type of trigger point therapy involves gentle, prolonged pressure on knots, which can also help to speed up recovery. Individuals who make regular appointments at the massage therapy clinic can not only decrease their chances of suffering from plantar fasciitis, but reduce calf tightness as well.

Individuals in need of joint pain relief should consider a trip to Grahame’s Massotherapy as a safe, all-natural treatment option. Those interested in learning more about myofascial release and/or craniosacral therapy can visit the website for this massage therapy clinic at To schedule an appointment at this local establishment near Alliance, Ohio, residents throughout the Bolivar, Ohio and Barberton, Ohio areas are encouraged to contact Grahame’s Massotherapy directly at 330.704.5911. During the initial consultation, the professional massage therapist at Grahame’s will be able to design a TMJ or plantar fasciitis treatment that fits the client’s individual needs.

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