Individuals from Akron and Canton, Ohio, Can Try New Teas in Tea Tasting Classes Offered by Ohio Tea Company

By Fiona Vernon

Avid tea drinkers go to bed dreaming of that first sip of tea in the morning. It is a treat that has been put into many a teetotaler’s lives by their parents when they are not feeling well or wanted comforted; additionally, it was a ritual for many years to offer someone tea on their arrival for a visit to one’s home. Anyone from Cleveland, Ohio, to Hartville, Ohio, can explore new tea flavors or find the taste that is closest to the black, herbal, or medicinal tea to which that person is accustomed at Ohio Tea Company in Canton, Ohio. Whether someone is looking for decaffeinated tea varieties in an herbal form, such as Chamomile tea for better sleep patterns, or oolong tea, which can reduce the symptoms of chronic health conditions, this local tea company is the perfect place to explore new varieties. Anyone from Akron, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, looking to expand their flavor profiles can try new loose teas at the tea tasting classes that are consistently offered at Ohio Tea Company. They also carry teaware, like delightful teapots and tea infusers, to accommodate any novice or advanced tea drinker desiring the fullest flavor available.

English Breakfast Black Tea

Drinking tea seems to assuage any ailment one may have, whether it is emotional of physical. With the technology that exists today, tests can be done to prove that medicinal teas perform biologically in the manner that humans have used them for throughout the years. Centuries ago, people knew that steeping the plant with the green fuzzy leaves and the little daisy-looking flower in hot water for a few minutes could help them sleep well after a long day — today we know that plant as Chamomile. Individuals from Canton and Akron searching for someone with knowledge on the medicinal effects of teas can visit Ohio Tea Company to peruse their wide selection of Chamomile combinations. Many herbal teas have been found over the centuries to reduce symptoms of chronic health conditions; for example, tea made from peppermint is a decaffeinated tea that sweetens the breath, helps heartburn, stomach ache, and nausea. Another is Oolong tea, which falls somewhere between green and black tea with its flavor profile and can improve mental alertness while being used to prevent cancer, tooth decay, osteoporosis, and heart disease. This local tea company offers a vast array of herbal loose-leaf teas and blends, including chamomile, sweet watermelon oolong, organic peach rooibios, and specialties like Tie Guan Yin, to accommodate varying palates.

Anyone from Massillon, Hartville, and beyond wanting to expand their palates even further than their morning “cuppa tea” can try new teas at the tea tasting classes that are frequently offered at Ohio Tea Company. Individuals can sit with this local tea company’s consultant for an hour and a half consuming various teas and learning about the hundreds of pure and blended forms available. They offer both introductory and advanced tea tastings, so that everyone can learn how to better experience this fine beverage at home. One may be interested in the idea of decaffeinated tea, which can expand anyone’s flavor profiles immensely by steeping fruits and herbs. Once someone enters the tea culture and tastes quality loose leaf black, white, and green teas instead of what the public accepts as standard, their taste buds will crave more. White tea for example is dried as soon as it is picked to stop the oxidation process; therefore, it contains a higher number of antioxidants. Taking the short drive from Cleveland will open a whole new world as the tea drinker peruses the wide selection of loose leaf teas and teaware. Ohio Tea Company also carries all the accessories necessary to have a perfect cup of tea at home, including ornate teapots and disposable and reusable tea infusers.

Novice or advanced tea drinkers from Massillon, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; and beyond can take the short drive to spend time with their friends trying new teas and learning from the tea consultant at a tasting class offered at Ohio Tea Company. An avid teetotaler in Hartville, Ohio, may be looking to expand their flavor palate with herbal, oolong, or black teas, and another from Akron, Ohio, may be interested in better sleep with decaffeinated loose-leaf chamomile tea blends. Anyone researching how to reduce symptoms of chronic health conditions that has found evidence pointing to medicinal teas, from peppermint to lavender, will find the vast selection at this local tea company immensely satisfying. This will impress anyone searching for a huge selection of loose-leaf tea flavors, as well as those needing the necessary teaware for a perfect cup of tea at home. Their beautiful teapots and tea infusers can help anyone in their endeavor for a perfect flavor. Walking into Ohio Tea Company can make anyone interested in tea or already in love with it swoon at the smells and possibilities that abound.

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