Head to Cleveland Skydiving Center near Warren, Ohio This Weekend and Sit in on a Skydiving Training Class!

Every year, skydiving centers throughout the country hold a special skydiving training class before the new season begins. Lucky for those around the Akron, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; and Warren, Ohio areas, Cleveland Skydiving Center will be hosting their own crash course this coming weekend! If you’ve always wanted to take a tandem skydiving course, now is the perfect opportunity to learn more about this exciting sport. By taking the quick trip over to this Cleveland, Ohio area facility on March 1st, you can discover fun facts about skydiving and how safe it has become over the years. With snacks, beverages, and an informative lecture from some of Cleveland Skydiving Center’s own staff, this is one event that you won’t want to miss! Plus, as Cleveland Skydiving Center will be running a skydiving special this coming April, you can even find out how you and a loved one can take advantage of the best skydiving prices around and take part in a thrilling afternoon of couples skydiving!

Although the skydiving training class is an excellent opportunity for beginners, not everyone will be able to make it out to this Cleveland area facility on March 1st. Rest assured that even if you don’t attend, you’ll still be able to participate in a tandem skydiving course this coming spring if you’re interested. Each individual who comes to Cleveland Skydiving Center for their first jump is given a complete lesson in the sport. Whether you’ve done significant research beforehand or not, the staff members at Cleveland Skydiving Center will make sure you know exactly what your first jump will entail so you are as prepared as possible. With better training and more advanced equipment, skydiving has become incredibly safe over the years, and Cleveland Skydiving Center is proud to be a facility that contributes to the growth of this heart-pounding sport!

If you make a reservation this April, not only can you look forward to a fun and informative tandem skydiving course, but an affordable one as well! During the month of April, Cleveland Skydiving Center will be running a skydiving special that customers will be able to take advantage of in order to save money on their jump. Though Cleveland Skydiving Center is known for offering some of the best skydiving prices in the area, their skydiving special features a great “buy one, get one half off” offer. Their couples skydiving deal will allow customers to purchase one spot at $240 and get the second for only $120! Whether you decide to bring your parent, friend, sibling, or significant other, you both can enjoy this exciting opportunity while saving money in the process! And if you and your partner decide to take the trip from your Warren, North Canton, or Akron home to Cleveland Skydiving Center this spring, keep in mind that it’s a very memorable way to pop the question. This local facility had six people propose either in the plane or on the ground post-jump last year alone!

If your schedule is clear on March 1st, Cleveland Skydiving Center encourages you to take the trip from your Warren, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; or Akron, Ohio home to their facility for their pre-season skydiving training class. However, if you’re not able to make it, you can still pay this Cleveland, Ohio area facility a visit this April and get their skydiving special for you and your loved one! To learn more about their couples skydiving deal, or their tandem skydiving courses in general, visit www.clevelandskydivingcenter.com. If you have any questions, give them a call at 330.977.7510, or send an email to jump@clevelandskydivingcenter.com. Just make sure to reserve your spot soon so you can take advantage of the best skydiving prices around!

Cleveland Skydiving Center
15199 Grove Rd
Garrettsville, Ohio 44231
Ph: 330.977.7510
Email: jump@clevelandskydivingcenter.com