Get Ready for the 2013 Season with Ohio State Merchandise from Conrads College Gifts in Columbus, Ohio

We’re nearing the end of summer and even though many of us will miss the sunshine and warm temperatures, we have something pretty great to look forward to in autumn: having the Ohio State Buckeyes back on the field! From Dayton, Ohio to Akron, Ohio, Buckeye fans are eager for the 2013 season to begin so they can cheer on their favorite team. So, why not get a head start by finding out the 2013 OSU football schedule and picking up some Ohio State merchandise before the first game arrives? Conrads College Gifts in Columbus, Ohio is already starting to prep for the fall season, so if you’re looking for some comfortable new Ohio State t-shirts, accessories, or other OSU apparel, take a quick look at what they’re putting out on their shelves now!

Like every other Ohio native, the staff members at Conrads College Gifts are excited to see their beloved Buckeyes play some serious football this season. Lucky for them, being located in Columbus gives them front row seats to all of the action! Unfortunately, those of us who live in Dayton or Akron have to travel a little bit in order to see the Buckeyes in person. And then there’s always the chance that tickets are sold out or you discover that the most highly-anticipated game of the year falls on the same day as a family event…a huge letdown for any Buckeye enthusiast. That’s why it helps to have a 2013 OSU football schedule on hand so you know when and where each game will take place. And it turns out that Conrads College Gifts is currently featuring a schedule coin and OSU golf ball marker for fans who want a convenient listing of all the upcoming games!

With color coding for opposing teams and the date each game is set to be played, this brass coin is a unique way to get ready for the 2013 season. Having all twelve games written out, you can keep track of the 2013 OSU football schedule so you can buy your tickets ahead of time or program your recording at home. Plus, as an added bonus, you can even use the coin as an OSU golf ball marker by simply popping out the “O” logo in the center. Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it?

Conrads College Gifts has plenty more where that came from! In addition to providing Buckeye fans with this cool coin/golf ball marker, Conrads has a huge selection of Ohio State merchandise for those who want to show off their Buckeye pride. With Ohio State t-shirts for men, women and children, you’ll be able to display your fondness for your favorite college team regardless of whether you’re watching them play from the stands or the comfort of your own home. These Ohio State t-shirts are made from high-quality material so they’re both comfortable and stylish. But if you’re concerned about the chilly fall temperatures, you’ll be pleased to learn that Conrads has much more available in terms of OSU apparel.

Hoodies, zip-ups, sweatshirts, long sleeved t-shirts, jackets, hats, scarves, gloves…whatever you need to keep warm while you’re watching your team from your seat in “The Shoe,” you’re sure to find it within Conrads College Gifts’ inventory of OSU apparel.

We all know how quickly times flies, and before you know it, football season will be here! So, rather than letting it sneak up on you, why not start prepping for the season by taking a look at some of the Ohio State merchandise from Conrads College Gifts? Whether you like the idea of having a 2013 OSU football schedule on a brass coin, your closet doesn’t have quite enough OSU apparel, or you just need a few more Ohio State t-shirts, Conrads College Gifts has you covered. Visit their website at to view their current inventory or give them a call at 1.888.443.8678 if you have any questions. But if you happen to be taking a trip from your Akron, Ohio or Dayton, Ohio home to the Buckeye city soon, make sure to stop by Conrads so you can see their store in person!

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