For Quality Sports Photography On-Site and In-Studio, Contact Lyons Photography in Summit County!

lyons photography_logoishAlthough the temperatures are beginning to drop, there are still plenty of sports activities going on throughout the Summit County, Ohio region. Regardless of whether you’re part of a bowling league or you’re the proud parent of one of the local high school footballers, you want to preserve the memories of these unique moments.  Even though you could take photos using your own camera for these momentous occasions in the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio or Hudson, Ohio areas, they’re not often of the quality you desire.  The professional photographers of Lyons Photography understand this, and that is why they are happy to assist with your quality sports photography needs throughout the year.  Whether they’re on the field at the local high school football game in Springfield, Ohio to capture a picture of your child’s winning pass or in-studio for your sports-themed portraits, Lyons Photography is happy to help capture those special moments in your life.

Because sports are often a team effort, this local photography studio is happy to offer affordable league photos, team photos, and other group photos for you and your teammates. Best of all, they can take these photos at your Fairlawn, Ohio location, another local location of your choosing, or at their studio.  Not only do they offer these photography services to sports groups, but dance, choir, and band groups interested in having their portraits taken as well. After all, the teammates and group members you’re with during these activities often become your second family. For this reason, many like to have a memorable photograph of themselves and their group to cherish for many years to come.

lyons photography_footballWhy choose Lyons Photography over another local photography studio for these services? For years, Lyons Photography has been offering quality sports photography services throughout the Summit County region. Furthermore, they don’t rotate photographers the way some photo studios do. Instead, their professional photographers are ones they have known for many years and have had on staff for an extended amount of time. In this way, Lyons Photography is able to provide consistency in photography methods to ensure the photos that are taken are quality photos you can enjoy for many years to come.

Best of all, these experienced photographers can travel to your local site – including Cuyahoga Falls, Fairlawn, Springfield, and Hudson—to photograph your teams sporting event. Some of the common sports Lyons Photography has been known to photograph over the years include basketball, football, wrestling, soccer, golf, and much more! Are you looking to invest in affordable league photos? Lyons Photography is happy to offer professional and affordable photography services for bowling leagues, show choirs, dance groups, and more throughout the year.

lyons photography_golfIf you have a sporting event coming up that you would like photographed, contact Lyons Photography and schedule a day for photographers Terri or Andy to come to your Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio or Hudson, Ohio area site. While there, these photographers can capture some of the most exciting moments of the game so you and your team mates can have some of your favorite memories preserved in a quality photograph. If you’re still considering this local photography studio and would like to view some of their work before scheduling for your event, consider stopping by their Summit County, Ohio location to speak to one of their knowledgeable staff members.

With years of experience in the industry, Andy and Terri will be able to show you some of the quality sports photography they’ve taken over the years and answer any questions you may have pertaining to sports photography as a whole.  Furthermore, they’ll be able to help you determine if an on-site or in-studio would be best for your team in the Fairlawn, Ohio or Springfield, Ohio area. For additional information on the affordable league photos, sports photos, and other photo services Lyons Photography offers, visit Otherwise, e-mail your questions to, call 330.773.5071, or stop by their physical location to speak with professional photographers Andy or Terri today!

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