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lyons photography_logoishBy Fiona Vernon

Many have heard that a photo is worth a thousand words, but not everyone takes into consideration just how important a photo can be—especially when you’re trying to make a good impression! After all, potential employers and customers alike are turning to online media to get a better idea of the individuals they will be working with. For this reason, it’s important to have a business photograph of yourself that reflects your professionalism in your current position or for your digital profile as you search for another one in the Stow, Ohio area and beyond. Unfortunately, many individuals settle for self-taken photographs or photographs of a lower quality for professional use that do not flatter themselves properly. Instead of settling for a low quality photograph of yourself for your resume or business, schedule an appointment with Lyons Photography near the Barberton, Ohio area.

With years of experience in the industry, professional photographers Terri and Andy of Lyons Photography can use the right lighting, software, and other photography techniques needed to provide you with the professional business portraits you need to look and feel successful. Best of all, these quality photographs can be used to show others a more professional side of yourself on your digital profile, online resume, and more! Of course, the photograph you use for the organization or service you are in can be just as important as any business portrait. For this reason, many student ambassadors – including those from the Kent, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio area—choose to invest in professional student ambassador portraits that they can use to make a good impression.

lyons photography_childrenHowever, not everyone has a need for professional business portraits or student ambassador portraits. Friendly photographers Andy and Terri of Lyons Photography understand this, and that is why they are happy to offer a variety of other photography services for families and individuals in the Barberton area and beyond! In fact, this professional photography studio holds photo sessions for everything from engagement portraits to children’s portraits at a price their clients can afford. Why choose Lyons Photography when you could take photos with a camera of your own? Although digital cameras are convenient, they’re not always the best at providing the quality photographs you desire to preserve a special moment in time with your family in the Stow, Massillon, or Kent, Ohio area. Furthermore, the paper digital photos are often printed on are not designed to last a multitude of years.

When it comes to photos that you consider important, you want them to be able to hold up to the test of time –especially when it comes to photos of your children! For this reason and many others, consider investing in family portraits, student ambassador portraits, children’s portraits, and more at Lyons Photography. By choosing this professional photography studio, you can obtain the quality photos you want of yourself, your children, or your family at an affordable price. Furthermore, the photographers of Lyons Photography are those that have been with the studio for many years, ensuring you get the same level of quality each time you choose to invest in professional business portraits, children’s portraits, and more from their location outside of the Massillon, Ohio and Stow, Ohio areas!

lyons photography_weddingWould you like to learn more about this professional photography studio near Barberton, Ohio before scheduling your photo session with them? If so, visit to find out more about the services they provide and browse their photo gallery. Otherwise, feel free to e-mail your questions to, call 330.773.5071, or stop by Lyons Photography’s physical location to speak with friendly photographers Andy or Terri today!

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