Fitness Equipment Sales Assists Schools in Huntsville, Alabama and beyond with Gym Renovation

By Gemma Chriss

Fitness-Equipment-SalesHigh schools and community colleges often have a difficult time with gym renovation. Not only do they have to find an exercise machine distributor that fits their budget, but they have to be more creative in furnishing a smaller space. Needless to say, many institutions throughout Lancaster, South Carolina; Huntsville, Alabama; and Lawrenceville, Georgia struggle to provide their students with a suitable fitness facility. Thankfully, Fitness Equipment Sales not only carries a wide assortment of commercial workout products, but they also serve clients across the entire Southeast region. Partnering with FES means that establishments can obtain the commercial cardio and weight equipment they need, as well as additional products and fitness-related services that similar companies don’t normally offer.

fes_install1Since FES is first and foremost an exercise machine distributor, it should come as no surprise to learn that the company offers a large selection of commercial workout products. Those in the market for commercial cardio and weight training equipment can count on FES to provide them with a variety of options from some of the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry, including TRUE, Landice, BH Fitness, SportsArt, and Inspire. The staff members at FES take each client’s budget and space into consideration when offering recommendations, so even smaller establishments are able to purchase treadmills, free weights, stationary bikes, ellipticals, strength-training machines, and more for student use.

fes_install2Institutions throughout Lancaster, Huntsville, Lawrenceville, and beyond can also obtain additional products for gym renovation. Fitness Equipment Sales is proud to offer a “full range of products” to their clients, which extends far beyond mere cardio and weight equipment. Flooring, mirrors, audio/visual equipment—virtually anything a client needs for their facility, Fitness Equipment Sales can provide. They even carry smaller products, such as medicine balls, exercise bands, kettle bells, and plyometric balls.  And FES will even come out at no additional charge to draft a design that will work with any school’s space limitations and budget.

fes_install3As an added bonus, Fitness Equipment Sales’ team helps with all installation so gym renovation is completed in a timely manner. That way the fitness facility is only closed for a brief period of time, and student athletes won’t suffer from a break in their routine. Since gym renovation can be tricky with a small space, those who enlist the help of FES will appreciate the team’s design expertise. The staff members from FES will not only install all flooring, mirrors, and AV equipment, but set up machines in a way that is convenient for users.

fes_install4Those in the market for commercial workout products are encouraged to visit FES’ website at to see the cardio and weight equipment the company currently has available. Establishments throughout Lancaster, South Carolina; Huntsville, Alabama; Lawrenceville, Georgia; and beyond can also contact FES directly by calling 770.908.0000. This exercise machine distributor is always happy to provide additional information about their gym renovation services.

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