Find the Spaulding or Lithonia Lighting Poles You Need at Sandusky Electric near Cleveland, Ohio

Proper lighting is a vital part of any business. No matter what tasks your Canton, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; or Akron, Ohio company may perform, having adequate lighting is crucial for conducting business. Unfortunately, the lighting fixtures and components you require can’t always be found online or at your local big box store, in which case you need to look for a company that specializes in electrical equipment. Lucky for you, Sandusky Electric not only carries a wide selection of GE and Sylvania fluorescent ballasts, Spaulding and Lithonia lighting poles, and Hubbell and Leviton fluorescent starters, but they have locations all around the Cleveland, Ohio area for your convenience.

Depending on whether your business requires commercial lighting in the shop or outside, your needs will vary. Fortunately, Sandusky Electric has everything you need to bring light to your dull space. As this Cleveland area company offers an assortment of lighting supplies from the most popular manufacturers, you can even count on Sandusky to provide you with top-quality items that are sure to last much longer than those you’d find elsewhere. Plus, Sandusky Electric is well-known for helping customers find the most cost-effective ways of lighting their homes and businesses, so you don’t have to worry about going beyond your strict company budget.

Since many commercial facilities contain fluorescent lighting, there’s a good chance that your own Canton, Akron, or Columbus establishment does too. In that case, there are a number of components that you need to acquire in order to keep your lighting bright so your business can function properly. If you use fluorescent tubes or lamps within your building, then you need ballasts and starters in order to ensure that your lights work correctly.

Sandusky Electric carries GE and Sylvania fluorescent ballasts in order to control the starting and operation of your fluorescent light bulbs. If you’re familiar with these components, then you know that ballasts are necessary for preventing flickering and excess energy usage. The staff at Sandusky Electric will help you find the right GE or Sylvania fluorescent ballasts for your lighting fixtures so you can repair any malfunctioning lights on your own.

In addition to ballasts, Sandusky also offers Hubbell and Leviton fluorescent starters in each of their stores. Essential for fluorescent lighting, the starter acts as a switch that opens when the tube is turned on, allowing a stream of electrons to pass through and ionize the mercury vapor. Not only do you risk flickering lights without a starter, but a short circuit contains a lot of energy that could cause the bulb to explode—a serious safety hazard for any business. Sandusky Electric will also help you choose the Hubbell or Leviton fluorescent starter that best works for your application and will ensure the safety of the employees working in your facility.

If you’re merely looking to install lights in the parking lot of your business, Sandusky Electric will still prove to be a valuable resource. With Spaulding and Lithonia lighting poles available in-house, you can find just the fixture you need to brighten up your parking lot for the night shift. If you’re unsure what size would work outside of your establishment, Sandusky’s staff can assist you in locating the Spaulding or Lithonia lighting pole you need.

With fair prices, high-quality products, and unrivaled service, Sandusky Electric is just the store to visit if you’re in the market for ballasts, starters, or lighting poles. To see what other products they have available, visit their website at But if you need a specific product now, take the trip from your Canton, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; or Columbus, Ohio establishment to one of Sandusky’s locations today. Their staff would be happy to help you find the GE or Sylvania fluorescent ballasts, Spaulding or Lithonia lighting poles, or Hubbell or Leviton fluorescent starters you need to light up your company.

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