Find Price Matching on Men’s Suit Deals and Clothing Alterations at Jabbour’s Clothing & Tailoring in Stow, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Trends in fashion go through cycles, and over the last couple of decades, they have been leaning toward a more casual charm. Even guests at weddings had been more inclined to put on Dockers instead of formal wear. Just as women putting on high heels boosts their confidence and promotes feelings of power, a man donning a suit promotes the same attitude. They exude confidence and style. As the younger generation has realized this, men’s suits have returned as a more consistent choice, only in a larger variety of styles — whether slim, modern, or classic. Regardless of the type of men’s suit for which anyone in Tallmadge, Ohio, and Hudson, Ohio, is looking, Jabbour’s Clothing and Tailoring can satisfy every customer. Not only do they offer the best quality in men’s fashion and accessories, this local tailor also provides decades worth of experience in their clothing and custom suit alterations, that come with every purchased men’s suit. Anyone in and around Streetsboro, Ohio, in search of a suit will find unmatched personal service as well as price matching on men’s suit deals that are found at any of their competitors. Visit this local suit shop in Stow, Ohio, to discover high quality men’s suits with personal service.

George Jabbour grew up in his father’s local suit shop in Stow, watching him work, learning the trade, and getting to know the clients. With his experience, he took over the business, and still has great relationships with many of his dad’s customers. He personally performs all the custom suit and clothing alterations and is keenly aware of fashion trends, so he can guide people with any fit preference. Each man likes their suits to fit in certain ways, whether it’s slim, modern, or classic. An older seasoned sales representative in Tallmadge or Hudson who wears a suit every day may have grown up with a love for the classic-fit men’s suit, which is apt for a man with an average to fuller build. The jacket features a more comfortable fit and reaches the end of the fingertips, while the pants sit on the waistline with a slightly roomier feel for comfort. This local tailor can also accommodate those with a modern taste in men’s suits, where the slim-fit pants have a flat front, and the slim-fit jacket is shorter and more contoured to the body, yet with room for comfort. The slim fit is to what the younger generation has become accustomed with its shorter, trim-tailored jacket with a very slim lapel that hugs the body’s contours; additionally, it features pants that sit below the waist with smaller leg openings. Visit Jabbour’s Clothing and Tailoring to take advantage of George’s experience and let him assist in finding the best fit regardless of one’s body type and preferred style.

When it comes to men’s fashion and accessories, it would be difficult to find a local suit shop — or any store for that matter — that can meet the exceptional quality and superior, personal service that anyone from Streetsboro and beyond can receive at Jabbour’s Clothing and Tailoring. If an individual is having a hard time deciding if it would behoove them to go to a big box suit store, the answer is no. If someone sees a men’s suit deal at another store, Jabbour’s will honor that price. Their price matching on suit deals on top of the expert craftsmanship puts them a step above their competitors on every level. From their clothing alterations and men’s suits to their dress shoes, jeans, and large selection of shirts, there is no reason to go anywhere else.

Whether it’s a teacher in Tallmadge, Ohio, who wears polo shirts to school every day, but wants a men’s suit for special occasions or the doctor in Hudson, Ohio, who wears a suit daily and needs to round out his collection, Jabbour’s Clothing and Tailoring in Stow, Ohio, can satisfy every customer. This local tailor offers clothing and custom suit alterations, as well as a vast array of men’s fashion and accessories. This local suit shop is the perfect place to shop when anyone in and around Streetsboro, Ohio, is searching for the perfectly fitted suit, whether they prefer a classic, slim, or modern fit. Jabbour’s can advise on what best flatters each body type, but will customize exactly to anyone’s specific tastes. If someone finds a men’s suit deal at any other store, they simply bring that information to this local suit shop for their price matching on suit deals. There is no reason for anyone to go anywhere but Jabbour’s Clothing and Tailoring for the best in service, selection, and pricing!

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