Evans Supply near Akron Encourages Snow Removal Equipment Maintenance Before Winter

Although the cold weather has not yet arrived to the Akron, Ohio area, it’s always important to be prepared—especially if you provide snow removal services. One way in which you can be prepared for the upcoming winter season is to perform a type of snow removal equipment maintenance on your winter service vehicle. After all, properly functioning equipment is key to safely and efficiently removing snow and ice in the Dover, Ohio area. If your equipment is beginning to look a little worn down and in need of replacement, consider investing in a name brand snow plow from Evans Supply.  With one of their mounted SnowDogg snow plows, you’ll be able to complete the snow removal tasks you’re contracted to perform in the Massillon, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio area.

Because replacing your snow removal equipment can become an expensive endeavor, it’s important to keep up with snow removal equipment maintenance. Through routine maintenance services at the beginning and the end of your snow removal season, you can help keep your winter service vehicle running at its best for years to come. Some of the ways you can help detect any potential problems and ensure your equipment is fully functioning are as follows:

  • Ensure all lights are functioning properly on equipment and the vehicle itself.
  • Check radio and other communication systems are fully operational.
  • Inspect wiper blades, heating, and defrosting system as these are needed to aid in visibility. Your heating system also helps ensure you stay warm while in your vehicle.
  • Inspect windshield and mirrors for signs of cracks and chips.
  • Keep body, chassis, and additional equipment properly lubricated in accordance with your owner’s manual.
  • Have all hoses, lines, fittings, and cylinders checked to ensure no leaking is occurring.
  • Inspect all belts for potential bulges or cracks that could indicate wear.
  • Ensure all fluid levels and filters are as they should be.
  • Check the tire pressure and tread depth of each of your vehicle’s tires to ensure they are road safe.
  • Have your brakes examined to ensure they are in proper working order.
  • Thoroughly clean your snow removal equipment after each use to unnecessary corrosion and wear.
  • If equipped with a mounted snow plow, check the hook-up mechanism and points of attachment to ensure it will remain in place.
  • If equipped with a sprayer, ensure the conveyor chain is properly set in the sprockets.

Although there are many other areas of your vehicle and equipment you could have inspected, these are a few of the ones that will help get you off to a good work season. Before heading out to your Dover, Massillon, or Wooster work site, remember to check the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)’s regulations on Snow & Ice Practices for the region you will be working in. This way, you know what deicing chemicals and equipment is permitted for that area as this can help you determine if your equipment is in need of replacing to meet revised standards. Should you find that you need to replace some of your snow removal equipment, pay a visit to Evans Supply. Located outside of Akron, Evans Supply is the perfect place to find replacement headlights as well as obtain the name brand snow plow by SnowDogg you need to replace your old one.

Although Evans Supply may not carry all of the snow removal equipment you need, they are happy to offer a series of name brand snow plows by SnowDogg. With one of these mounted snow plows, you’ll be able to get back on the road and removing snow and ice safely for your Akron, Ohio or Dover, Ohio community. If you’re unsure which of these snow plows is right for your vehicle, speak with one of the knowledgeable staff members of Evans Supply.

While considering investing in new parts for your winter service vehicle, remember that completing snow removal equipment maintenance early gives you the opportunity to ensure that every component of your vehicle is functioning optimally Furthermore, following routine preventative maintenance and inspecting your vehicle frequently during the cold season can prevent costly repairs from occurring by allowing you to find the problem before it spreads. If you’re from the Massillon, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio area and would like to learn more, call 330.499.0311 or visit Evans Supply at their physical location today!

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