CNG Pitstop Helps to Lower Fuel Costs for Drivers throughout Springville, Utah and Beyond

On average, gas prices have begun to decrease throughout the country; however, that doesn’t mean that drivers in every city will be able to look forward to lower numbers at the fuel pump. According to recent trends, residents throughout Cottonwood Heights, Utah; Springville, Utah; and Brigham City, Utah can expect prices to start climbing once again. If your vehicle still runs on gasoline, you may want to think about switching to compressed natural gas as a way to lower fuel costs. In addition to offering CNG conversion kits to those with the proper training in CNG system installation, CNG Pitstop performs bi-fuel conversions for their customers’ convenience. By contacting CNG Pitstop, you can find out just how inexpensive CNG tank replacements are compared to regular trips to the fuel pump.

Though the use of compressed natural gas in automobiles isn’t new, many drivers have only recently discovered the benefits of switching to this alternative fuel. Obviously the biggest advantage of performing a bi-fuel conversion on your vehicle is the amount of money you’ll save over time. Right now, CNG costs roughly $1.50 per GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent) in the state of Utah. After calculating the amount you spend on gasoline each month and comparing it to the cost of compressed natural gas, you’ll quickly realize just how significant the savings truly are. Plus, there’s also the fact that obtaining a bi-fuel conversion from a certified company like CNG Pitstop will allow you to receive a sizeable discount if you opt to have your CNG system installation done before the end of the year. The Utah State Clean Fuel Vehicle Credit valued up to $2,500 expires at the end of 2014, making it all the more important to contact CNG Pitstop’s team as soon as possible.

In addition to being a great option for those who want to lower fuel costs, CNG allows drivers to power their vehicles in a way that is better for the environment and the vehicles themselves. This natural gas is over 90% methane, the cleanest burning hydrocarbon available today. Not only does it produce significantly less greenhouse gas than other fuels, but it is also non-toxic, with no potential for ground or water contamination as it dissipates rapidly into the air. Then there’s also the fact that CNG increases travel distance, engine life, and vehicle value—benefits that no driver can overlook.

Knowing how beneficial a bi-fuel conversion can be, CNG Pitstop assists drivers throughout Cottonwood Heights, Springville, Brigham City, and the entire state by offering a wide assortment of products and services. As this company is owned by a professionally trained and nationally certified CSA America CNG Fuel System Inspector, CNG Pitstop is legally licensed to perform CNG system installations in the state of Utah. However, businesses who want to offer such services can take advantage of the training offered by CNG Pitstop as well. Only those with the proper training can then purchase CNG conversion kits and CNG tank replacements from CNG Pitstop at a reasonable price.

With all the benefits of switching to compressed natural gas, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take this opportunity to learn more about bi-fuel conversions from CNG Pitstop. For additional information on training for businesses that need access to high-quality CNG conversion kits and CNG replacement tanks, visit If you’re interested in CNG system installation in order to lower fuel costs, give CNG Pitstop a call or take the short trip from your Cottonwood Heights, Ohio; Springville, Ohio; or Brigham City, Utah home to their facility.

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