Fleet Operators in Akron, Ohio, Can Trust Park Ford for Their Light or Super Duty Commercial Vehicle Needs

By Fiona Vernon

A growing church community near Ravenna, Ohio, may require a Ford passenger van in which to transport those who don’t drive, or a plumbing company in Akron, Ohio, finds the necessity for a light commercial vehicle, like a Ford Transit in which to haul supplies to job sites. Regardless of the commercial vehicle requirements of any given company from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, Park Ford can supply any spectrum of size and weight in a Ford chassis truck, dump truck, Stake Bed truck, or box truck. This local Ford dealer can supply the vast array of work vans and trucks to fulfill the exact requirements of any construction company, mobile pet groomer, and more with their differing specifications — from those with maximum 5th wheel towing capacities of 31,800 pounds to a small cargo van for hauling.  Any savvy business owner can visit Park Ford’s website or call to ask a knowledgeable staff member for assistance customizing one of their many options to suit anyone’s business needs.

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A Variety of Work Trucks and Vans Are Available at Park Ford in Tallmadge, Ohio

By Gemma Chriss

Park Ford—the only family-owned and operated Ford dealer in Tallmadge, Ohio—is primarily known for their extensive selection of high-quality cars, trucks, and SUVs. However, it’s worth noting that this local establishment has a large inventory of commercial vehicles as well. Those on the hunt for a suitable work van or truck are encouraged to visit Park Ford in person to browse through the various options that are available on the lot. From Ford cargo vans to passenger vans, box trucks to chassis trucks, Park Ford has virtually any model one could need. Residents throughout the Green, Ohio and Fairlawn, Ohio areas only have to drive the short distance to Park Ford’s location to obtain the tough, dependable vehicles required for their day-to-day operations.

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Drivers in Youngstown, Ohio and beyond Can Contact Lehman Awning Company for Truck Tarp Repair or Replacement

By Gemma Chriss

If the coming spring will be anything like last year’s, individuals throughout Youngstown, Ohio; Minerva, Ohio; Twinsburg, Ohio; and beyond can expect a significant amount of rain. Though the heavy precipitation will be a welcome sight for gardeners, it will undoubtedly prove to be an inconvenience for those who work in the trucking industry. Keeping one’s cargo safe is difficult enough without having to worry about potential damage from the elements. That’s why many drivers have already started prepping their vehicles by investing in either truck tarp repair or replacement. Since Lehman Awning Company has an impressive selection of semi and delivery truck coverings in stock, they’re frequently contacted by individuals looking for steel tarps and lumber tarps. Additional accessories, such as tarp ropes and straps, can also be obtained from Lehman Awning Company for greater convenience. Side kit tarps and fitted tarps can be custom made for one’s truck or trailer, and can usually be ready in a matter of a couple of days. Additionally, Lehman Awning manufactures and installs complete custom roll tarp systems. They will also manufacture and install replacement tarps for existing systems.

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R&R Truck Sales: The #1 Choice for Used Truck Sales throughout Wooster, Ohio and Beyond

RR Truck Sales_LogoA number of companies throughout the Wooster, Dover, and New Philadelphia areas require the use of heavy duty trucks for everything from cargo transportation to trash collection. Since their vehicles must travel long distances while carrying a significant amount of weight, these companies look for the strongest, most durable trucks possible. Fortunately for local businesses that are in the market for new or used Mack trucks, dump trucks, or garbage trucks, R&R Truck Sales in Akron has a wide assortment of commercial trucks available. As a reputable garbage truck dealer that specializes in used truck sales, R&R Truck Sales gives each customer the opportunity to find the right vehicle for their specific needs and budget. Continue reading

Find Sprinter 4×4 Cargo Vans and Passenger Vans at Mercedes-Benz of Akron in Northeast Ohio

MercedesAkron_StoreBy Fiona Vernon

Over the years, Mercedes-Benz of Akron has helped numerous individuals throughout the Northeast Ohio region obtain the personal vehicle they need for their day-to-day travels. Today, this local auto dealer near Cuyahoga County continues to help their customers find the vehicle that’s right for them by offering personal vehicles and commercial vehicles at their location. For local business owners looking to obtain a new commercial van, Mercedes-Benz of Akron proudly offers the new Sprinter 4×4.

Unlike Sprinter models before it, the Sprinter 4×4 cargo van has four-wheel drive capabilities and features 24 inches of wading depth. This raise in wading depth allows for better clearance of raised ground, such as snow and more. This affordable commercial van also has high/low range options to help ensure maximum traction on steep grades or on difficult terrain is possible during work travels through the Summit County area and beyond. For added convenience, this 4WD van with standard V6 engine is available in two different styles: cargo and passenger.

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Make Your Canton Business More Mobile with a Reliable Cargo Van from Mercedes-Benz of Akron!

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter_LogoHave you been considering making your Alliance, Ohio or Canton, Ohio business more mobile? Whether you’re delivering packages or pastries, you need a vehicle you can depend on to properly transport your cargo. However, many of the vehicles used for personal travel were not designed with enough cargo space to properly function as a commercial cargo van. With this in mind, pay a visit to Mercedes-Benz of Akron to find the reliable cargo van that’s right for you. Here, you can select from an assortment of Sprinter Cargo Van models to find the one that best accommodates your Warren, Ohio or Youngstown, Ohio business’ needs! Some of these models include:

  • 2500 Standard Roof 144″ WB
  • 2500 High Roof 144″ WB
  • 3500 High Roof 170″ WB
  • 3500 High Roof 170″ WB EXT
  • And More!

With so many different Mercedes-Benz work vans to choose from at this local dealership, finding the one that best accommodates your day-to-day work travels is made easy.

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Find Quality OEM Parts, Spray-On Bed Liners, and More at JW Cookson Co near Dover, Ohio!

jwcooksonco_logoishAs the temperatures begin to rise in the Massillon, Ohio area and beyond, business owners and homeowners alike begin to find more uses for their heavy duty vehicles. However, the more uses you find for your vehicle, the more wear and tear it can endure—especially when it comes to your truck’s bed! This year, help keep your truck’s bed protected from wear, rust, and more with bed liner installation services from JW Cookson Co. Unlike traditional bed liners that fit into the back of your truck’s bed and can reduce space, the Apollo spray-on liners offered by JW Cookson Co are always a custom fit. Because this spray is so versatile, it can also be applied as undercoating to your vehicle as a form of rust protection throughout the year!

Although this Kevlar spray can help enhance and protect exterior parts of your vehicle, JW Cookson Co offers an assortment of heavy duty truck parts to keep your vehicle functional from the inside during your Dover, Ohio commute and more. After all, frequent use and poor road conditions can cause heavy wear to fall on your trucks internal components. Luckily, JW Cookson Co keeps an assortment of quality OEM parts in stock for you to choose from for your vehicle. They even offer the sale of many of these components on their website so you can purchase the components you need and have them shipped to your North Canton, Ohio or Coshocton, Ohio location when it’s convenient for you!

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Get Transmission Repairs on Your Heavy Duty Vehicles at JW Cookson Co in New Philadelphia

During the winter months, some of our most important heavy duty vehicles and equipment are put to the test. This is because cold weather, snow, and other circumstances can put internal components at further stress than they normally are under. Unfortunately, this could lead to the breakdown of important parts that help keep these vehicles running at their best. Luckily, JW Cookson Co –located in New Philadelphia, Ohio— has the fully equipped modern shop and parts needed to have your heavy duty equipment and vehicles running at their best. Some of the heavy duty equipment parts available at JW Cookson Co even come from the name brands you trust like Spicer and Neapco!

With these name brand parts available in stock, JW Cookson Co is able to perform transmission repairs, drive train repair services, and more at a price that is affordable for you! As some of the larger and more advanced parts of your heavy duty vehicles, there are very few locations in the Dover, Ohio or Canton, Ohio area that offer repair services on these components— including your transmission! Did you know that JW Cookson Co can even rebuild your transmission or heavy duty differentials? If you’re from the Cambridge, Ohio area and find your heavy duty vehicles in need of these services, make JW Cookson Co your first call.

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Find Heavy Duty Equipment Parts and More at JW Cookson Co in New Philadelphia, Ohio!

When you work in the oil or gas field industry, it’s important to keep your heavy-duty vehicles and equipment functioning at their best. However, years of continuous use and rough work environments can cause the parts in these machines to wear down faster than they should. If you find yourself in need of replacement parts for your heavy duty equipment, contact the professionals at JW Cookson Co in New Philadelphia, Ohio. With years of experience in the industry, JW Cookson Co can create affordable custom differentials and drive shafts for your Guernsey County, Ohio or Carroll County, Ohio work vehicles. They also sell a variety of new drive shafts, differentials, and bearing kits to keep the heavy duty equipment on your Harrison County, Ohio work site running optimally. Best of all, these heavy duty equipment parts are available from the leading name brands you’ve come to trust.

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Contact Triple R Trailer Sales near Dover, Ohio for Trailer Service and Repair

Getting regular truck/trailer maintenance can mean the difference between heading down the highway to your next job site and sitting at the side of the road, waiting for help to arrive. Taking care of your work vehicle should be your top priority, especially if you drive long distances. However, you may find it difficult to keep your vehicle in good condition if you’re unable to locate a truck/trailer repair station in the Coshocton, Ohio or Canton, Ohio area. That’s why so many people in need of trailer repair or general trailer service opt to visit Triple R Trailer Sales near Dover, Ohio. Not only can this local company perform regular maintenance on your trailer, but they also welcome those looking for stake bed fabrication, accessory installation, major damage repair, and more.

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