Auto Techs from California to Ohio Can Contact Network Tool Warehouse for Sunex Tools’ Impact Socket Sets

By Fiona Vernon

Everyone from California to Pennsylvania knows that not taking their job seriously results in loss of income, and finances can be one of the biggest stressors in anyone’s life. Sunex Tools takes the jobs of auto technicians everywhere seriously and design their tools with them in mind. They have expert product developers on hand to ensure their products are built with durability and performance, resulting in the highest level of quality and value with unbeatable warranties. Network Tool Warehouse is an authorized dealer of Sunex Tools, who built their business on impact socket sets and is the industry leader of individual sockets. For 40 years, they have developed and manufactured innovative automotive shop equipment to serve the aftermarket, as well as industrial and commercial segments. As the decades have passed, they have expanded their line with the addition of hand tools, air tools, hydraulic presses, and more. Their products range from electric presses to impact wrenches and O-rings. Auto techs from Ohio to Florida can view the NTXtool reviews to witness the newly-managed company being one of the leading providers of automotive, industrial, and DIY tools in the nation with their quality, value, service, and competitive prices!

In 1977, Sunex Tools built their business on designing impact socket sets with the highest torque in mind. Their lifetime-guaranteed impact wrenches are designed to bust bolts loose, or torque them in excess of 1000 foot-pounds. Technicians have been caught using standard sockets with impact wrenches, which not only affects the tool’s performance but is a safety hazard because the high torque can shatter the socket. Standard sockets are made from chrome, which is relatively brittle, but impact sockets are made from a more malleable material called chromolybdenum, which is more flexible and absorbs the impact. Sunex is the industry leader on their standard and specialty individual sockets. Ohio-based Network Tool Warehouse, a national distributor of automotive hand tools and shop equipment, trusts the quality and warranty-backed products that Sunex Tools boasts about. An example of Sunex’s constant growth is their newest 20-piece Impact 6” Hex Driver Master Set with alloy steel and radiused corners on square drives to reduce socket wear. Network Tool Warehouse is offering an irresistible deal that can be taken advantage of HERE!

Sunex Tools has expanded their product line over the years to adjust to the needs of customers from Florida to Pennsylvania. Sunex may have built their business on impact sockets, but grew to incorporate every aspect of a garage’s daily needs. The air tools they have developed are built to perform during drilling, driving, grinding, cutting, or sanding by supplying each task with power and flexibility. The automotive hand tools from Sunex — including wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, bit and socket sets, pry bars, pullers, and drive tools—are built to last and handle the toughest jobs with a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. They manufacture fully-polished SAE wrench sets, crowfoot, and stubby combination wrenches to California and beyond; additionally, their workplace solutions include chrome hand tools built from Chrome Vanadium material which are prepared for any hand-driven fastener application. They also offer torque testers, such as disc brake micrometers and circuit testers; furthermore, anyone missing a wrench from their set can order their open stock wrenches. Leave the heavy work to the automotive lifting equipment with a deal that Network Tool Warehouse has right now on their 22-Ton Truck Axle Jack with Air Return. Its saddle rising speed has increased by 35%, the jumbo tires are the largest in-class on the market, and the springless design eliminates weathering, rusting, and damage of springs and spring retainers.

Auto repair professionals from Florida to California have relied on Network Tool Warehouse for over 20 years for quality automotive shop equipment and the quality of Sunex Tools is proof of that fact. NTXtool reviews show customer satisfaction with their price matching on any online advertised in-stock price, their free shipping on domestic orders over $250, and discounts on thousands of products every day. Sunex started their business with their innovative development and manufacturing of a vast array of impact sockets then expanded their line with automotive lifting equipment, air tools, and more to adapt to their customers. The automotive hand tools that they offer include individual sockets, impact wrenches, and more. Ohio-based Network Tool Warehouse is the place for auto technicians from Pennsylvania and beyond to receive superior products, price, and service!

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